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Hey my name is Shae. I am 39 years old from the Philippines. I am Christian,single (never been married and no kids) , happy and always taking things positively. I am looking for a serious relationship.

I cannot speak finnish but I am willing to learn the language. I love Finland my very close friend told me how beautiful it is.

I am working in Dubai in marketing field, yes currently I am living in Dubai. So if you are interested to a long distance relationship and willing to know the person even if in this situation, we are in the same page.

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I am a good person, very selfless and always give importance to those who are close to my heart. I am NOT alcoholic, I drink in special occasions like 🍷 . My friends always told me how they can count on me when they need help as I am always on the go. I am honest person and hope to find an honest person too.

Indeed you might be thinking why I chose this site? Because my good friend marry a finnish man, they are so inlove and very good to each other. I will visit them maybe this year. I hope to find good man in Finland too.

40 v
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