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So, here we are. I'm looking for an engaging person with a positive disposition. Having a stable mindset, and having lived enough to have a kind of a basic understanding of what life has to offer at it's best, and what one can do to achieve exactly that.
I strongly value understanding and knowledge, and I can admit that I'm a huge nerd on so many levels. I've had hobbies and interests ranging from traveling, to horseback riding, to competitive online gaming, to housing terrariums and some cool animals within. Right now I guess the most important thing in my life is my one year old dog, so I guess it goes without saying that a lot of my activities revolve around her. I'd love to find someone who would be outdoorsy enough to spend time with the both of us outside, maybe even hiking/boating/camping (but this is where I'd love to have someone with that engaging part, I'm terrible at doing stuff like this alone).
My mindset is pretty young at heart, it doesn't mean I haven't been trough a lot in life (I have), but I'm not really looking for age related conformity in life.
I don't really care much about gender related conformity either, I guess (I'm a bit of a tomboy) . But I mean you could prolly be whoever and if wed hit it off then wed hit it off. You'll probably need a good sense of humour and also a bad sense of humour, I love sarcasm and self-deprecating humour to no end.
So yeah, that's about it, time to prepare myself for the messages of all those guys who didn't bother reading my bio and approach me with random words forming somewhat coherent sentences, however lacking any context relevant to any of my voiced purposes.
If you like the saturday morning breakfast cereal comic I'm sure we'll get along just creat :D
You can write me in FIN/SWE/ENG.

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