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I'm a mature, confident and open-minded single woman who knows that life is better shared... with a real man-companion to enjoy life's crazy moments with. Laughter is my proven Botox, it keeps me healthy, happy and Oozing beauty. I'm witty with a good dose of humour, I take things easy. I also have a calm and friendly character, can be shy at first and can be bubbly and sassy once you get to know me. I can hold pretty good, pretty fun, pretty intelligent conversations too.
I enjoy and appreciate nature, travelling, sightseeing and Safaris, love animals. I think dog walking or running with your furry friends is awesome, they can listen to you any time and they can keep all your secrets(^,^)
I love motorbike rides... well I can't move one myself but enjoy cruising as a passenger:)
I jog 2-3 times a week and I also love rope skipping, a few squats every other day and the Sphinx Pause. I have a natural rhythm and I enjoy dancing to any music to keep active. I also enjoy trying different cuisines and am not fussy about food.
I find sunsets and sunrises to be exhilaratingly gorgeous. One of my best relaxing hobbies is taking random photographs of nature, fashion, people, animals, insects, food etc, I think there is beauty in everything.
I think motor-bike rides are one of my favourites, just as long as you have a good driving resume(^,^)
I am a native English woman who speaks 7 other languages, currently learning Italian and Spanish. I love to learn new things and am not afraid of challenges....so what can you teach me? I can also say I love you in Finnish(^,^)
PS: A profile without an image won't cut it for me, and am not for hookups!

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