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Here is someone who keeps a positive outlook towards life, likes to take everyday as it comes, while still managing to be orgnized. I take good care of myself, and like to stay neat.
I like to think have I kept it together through thick and thin of life, and am happy being who I am. This is not to say that I don't keep an open mind, after all we are living in some of the most turbulent times in terms of soceital shifts and to keep the same mindset throughout ones life in the 21st century would seem odd to me to say the least.
I like to think that I am patient and calm. I am sensitive and cognizant of the feelings of others. I can sometimes be a bit distant if my feelings are hurt, but I am working on that, and like to think I have gotten better at expressing myself.
I can be shy in group settings, but not so much when one-to-one with someone. The shyness in groups does go away with time.
I was married for over 10 years, and we recently separated. We are good friends and raise our child (7y) together.
I have been running a lot and training to be a better runner. This has also meant additional activities like cycling and swimming. I enjoy kayakking in the summer and like to go bouldering or rock-climbing (very new to it, and indoors only so far). Being in Finland and not hiking would almost seem like a crime given the beautiful irresistible woods that can be found almost anywhere. So I also spend time hiking and trail running.
I have a DIY streak in me. This used to be limited to computers but now has extended to other fields. Apart from the usual garden maintenance stuff, there are also minor construction projects that have taken my interest lately. I find that I enjoy planning and executing builds with wood and concrete. Last year I knew nothing about it but spent this past summer building a support structure for a patio canopy, which was tiring but so enjoyable. I look forward to doing more in the future.
In my spare time, apart from the above, I like to watch movies and read the occasional book. I have recently found an interest in media analysis and meta analysis, which has made me look at media (especially movies) in a completely different light. In terms of television, I am a sucker for scandi-noir, and have found a lot of quality content in recent animated series aimed at adults. BoJack Horseman in particular surprised me so much that I still don't have words to express my feelings towards it or to pitch it to someone else. For movies, my tastes are quite varied and although popular mainstream and indie movies are my staple, I like to watch the occasional off-beat film.
I grew up in what I would call a very religious and conservative soceity/culture. My environment and personal experiences however have driven me far to the left. Feminism and LGBTQ rights have become especially important to me because I have seen those rights trampled growing up and did not know how to process it.
Mä puhun vähän suomea, mutta oppiminen.

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